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Phil Kaar

The boys call me the Art Director because Outside-The-Box is where I start. Give me an idea and I'll turn it upside down. In the end, the product isn't ready without my extra spice in post production. 

Max Garbe

Creating a film is a team sport. As I worked in bigger companies I’ve seen precise calculation, but not always a true core team. FarFrom provides room for every individual to grow, and that's what I love the most. 

Nico Walz

I enjoy sports, music, traveling and the ocean. In everyday life, I enjoy emails, numbers, questions and concepts. And what I really enjoy is the entire process of a FarFrom project. What do you enjoy? 

Chris Kaar

To turn a vision into reality is what drives me. With a great team, everything is possible. Beyond stoked to have found mine. 




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