+ Schäfer

Wenn Holz sprechen könnte, was würde es erzählen? Es würde davon erzählen, dass auch die Größten einst klein angefangen haben und dass man wachsen nur gemeinsam kann...



These past two years it seemed that we lost everything we enjoyed so much. We‘ve lost dancing. We’ve lost the music. We’ve lost the experience of zoning out and just BEING. We want to bring back those moments.


Du liebst Fußball? Zeit es zu zeigen! ANDEAVA - Die Liga der Fans. 


Freeriders in the wild - nothing new here right? What these young men don’t now is: there's something out there watching our every move, trying to understand the reason behind these risky descents. 

Delight Alliance

A simple delight that comes when our dream and our reality align. That’s the feeling that keeps us coming back for more. We are dreamers, we are surfers, we are creators, curators and shapers. We aren’t satisfied with the ordinary. We are the Delight Alliance.

Unsurfed Afghanistan

Filmed in 3 continents, Unsurfed Afghanistan is a multi award winning documentary film that follows Afridun’s journey back to his home country. With the help from experienced river surfers they explore waves that bring a drop of joy to the people in their community.

Only A Stone's Throw Away

Martin's grandfather was an enthusiastic racing cyclist. 20 years following his grandfather's death, the passion for the sport lived on through his grandson - although in a different discipline.

“Only a Stone’s Throw Away” is a story about big challenges, friendship and the cross-generational love for riding bikes.


Dreamers On

Afridun Amu dreamed of riding the perfect waves. Today he is the first surfer representing his homeland at the World Surfing Games. Dreamers On. 


“Luna” is an honest, self-expressive, artist portrait that reminds us of the importance of following your creative ambitions no matter how unknown they feel. Because in this world, it is more important to trust ourselves.

RBLZ Gaming

One of the best FIFA eSports athletes in the world take on the challenges of the Red Bull Athlete Performance Center. Not only will they get to understand their individual strengths, but also grow together as a team.


Summer memories feel most alive when they are captured on the sweet grittyness of Super8.