A Snowboarders Fairy Tale


Freeriders in the wild - nothing new here right?

What they don’t now is: there's something out there watching all their moves, trying to understand the reason behind these risky descents.

Freeriding the steep mountains of the Karwendel area, these three guys find themselves in unspoiled nature, running from avalanches, even ready for a winter outdoor survival. The story is told in a rare austrian dialect, which can not be found very often anymore.

Two years in the making. Filmed entirely in the Karwendel Mountains.


Featured at the Freeride Film Festival Innsbruck, Freeride Filmbase Innsbruck, the Krakow Mountain Festival, the International Austrian Film Festival and the Alpenfilmfestival.


Passion Project

Genre. Full Length Freeride Film

Length. 16 min 50 sec